Throwback Thursday

Let’s go back a few years to remember what happens if you don’t block Mr. Clowney.

Are the Texans a legitimate Super Bowl sleeper? With Clowney and Watt up front and a dynamic QB-WR combo, it looks like they have the pieces to finally live up to expectations.


It’s June in the Northeast.

And it’s HOT.

Stay hydrated folks.

In other news, Ronda Rousey looked phenomenal in her singles debut.  How will anyone “legitimately” beat her?  Judo moves translate well to WWE too – who knew!?  Anyone else excited to see her kick butt in the coming months?

Where you at, Tyler?

“End Zone” Eifert was nowhere to be found in Week 1.  Will a game against his home state Texans boost Andy Dalton’s ability?  Or will J.J. Watt make him a permanent part of the turf?  I’d bet on the latter, but maybe that’s why I don’t bet.

By the way, you are a douche if you drop $1,000 on a cell phone.  Thanks for nothing Apple.

Wentzday Wednesday

To celebrate our favorite day here at, we will give you the fantasy sleeper of the week each Wednesday.

This week – lock em up – the CHARGERS D baby.

An underappreciated unit will find success when they host the Miami Dolphins.  The Dolphins O-Line is not their strength and Jay Cutler has a penchant for throwing picks in his sleep.   Joey Bosa will lead the charge and put Cutler under constant fire after Phil Rivers and Co. build a lead and force MIA to become one dimensional.  10+ pts for this defense is a LOCK.



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