Good luck protesting her.



Football is back!  Philly Philly will be the host to opening night, fresh off the Eagles first SuperBowl title ever.  What kind of magic will Doug and Co. have in store for the Dirty Birds this year!?


Whatever it is won’t be enough.  Falcons by 4.

Laying the Smack-brown

Jarvis Landry laideth the smacketh-down on the Browns this week.  It can’t hurt to have an established vet and great player come in and reset the attitude of an 0-16 team.  Money aside, for a player of Landry’s caliber to sign an extension with a winless team before even playing a game for them shows his commitment.   The Browns were close last year and have talent.  I wouldn’t bet money on it, but six wins won’t be out of the question.rock

Tom Brady – Not a Rat!

It’s easy for Patriots  to “hate” Tom Brady.  But let’s get one thing straight – he’s enough of a stand up guy that he’d rather take a four game suspension than throw two clubhouse guys under the bus.  Reports recently surfaced that he offered to pay $1M rather than be suspended over “deflategate” (btw the most ridiculous NFL investigation possibly ever) ; the NFL accepted that offer under the condition that he admit and identify those who deflated the footballs.  Tom Terrific’s response?  “F-you Goodell.”

Good for Tom.